Frequently Asked Questions

+ Which browsers are supported?
The game runs in Firefox and Chrome and requires WebGL and WebRTC to both be supported and enabled.
+ Who are the creators?
Andy Domin and Sara Domin AKA Your Infamous Harp developed the game and composed the music. Nick Ingvoldstad AKA Caerus created the sound effects. Brendan Bagley and David Lawshe tend the lore via story and character development. Special thanks to Aleksander "Sliver Hivemind" Kowalchuk, Tomas "Bot" Kowalchuk, and Nikolai "Tesla" Kowalchuk for helping to refine the gameplay through countless game sessions.
+ Is there a single-player campaign?
The campaign concept is being developed though we have not made a release date publicly available.
+ Does it cost money?
The multiplayer game is free. We do not support pay-to-win. We may charge for content in the future as long as it does not affect the multiplayer experience.
+ What games do you draw influence from?
AoE2, SC, WC3, MtG, DotA, PoE
+ What is your privacy policy?
We do not use trackers or share your information with third-parties. We facilitate the connection of peers for multiplayer games, but we do not log messages sent between peers during the course of a game. However, information saved to your player profile, such as stats and email messages sent through the website, are stored in our database indefinitely.

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