Perpetual beta / stable v1.0
October 22, 2016
posted by andy

We are proud to present the latest incarnation of AUTOMAKHAN, RTS // devolved. Featuring performance improvements, simplified gameplay, fine-tuned multiplayer pacing, immersive controls, refined hero builds, and more. Sara has created a quickstart video that outlines the updated ruleset, available here:

Quickstart gameplay intro: Meteorologist

The new ruleset is so satisfying that we have decided to name this build our first official beta version. Further updates will not significantly change the game mechanics. However, we will continue to provide performance improvements, tuning and balance, and additional content with the help of trusted collaborators. Be on the lookout for the as-of-yet-untitled campaign 1, a co-op multiplayer story that colors the world of AUTOMAKHAN.

New features
  • The hero has become the center of focus
  • Players on the same team defend the same crystal
  • Players designate a team captain who can solely deploy buildings
  • You may now only build during the first 2 minutes of a match
  • Races can no longer be customized in standard multiplayer games
  • Hold SHIFT to control nearby friendly units
Balance adjustments
  • Melee heroes have better survivability
  • Hero abilities provide more versatility and synergy
  • Units in general are faster

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