Sfx by Caerus v1.1
March 13, 2017
posted by andy

We are proud to present the latest version of AUTOMAKHAN featuring a host of game and performance improvements and introducing sound effects from producer Nick Ingvoldstad AKA Caerus. The new upgrade mechanics allow for endless customization which provides a more sophisticated and exciting late-game. It is faster and easier than ever to create a game and share the URL with friends.

New pregame lobby

Performance and quality
  • New stereo sound effect system featuring sound effects created by Caerus
  • Reduced load time by preloading some assets
  • Improved pregame lobby UX and stability
  • Faster and more detailed shadows and lighting effects
  • Animation blending for smoother transitions between animations
  • Replaced some textures with shaders for greatly reduced memory usage
  • Effects are now rendered within the scene rather than overlaid on top
  • Available team upgrades now shown in the build panel
  • Right-click build and upgrade icons to view more details in-game
Gameplay changes
  • Deploy buildings at anytime, instead of just the build phase
  • Any allied heroes can deploy team buildings and upgrades, instead of just the captain
  • Worker units now gather joules when collecting resources so that more buildings can be deployed late-game
  • Gems are now dropped as in-game items collectable by heroes
  • New skill Augment: use gems to apply new skills to any unit class
  • Buildings with upgrades or augments applied drop an equivalent number of gems upon death
  • New units: Windmill, Corral, Sprite, Navigator, Deer, Beast
Balance tweaks
  • Heroes level up faster and more linearly
  • Heroes have improved pathfinding
  • Melee units are tougher and stronger
Along with many other small fixes. We will continue to improve performance and as always eager to hear your feedback in the chat or via email. Until next time, thank you for playing, good luck and have fun!

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