Replays and ranks v1.2
May 1, 2017
posted by andy

Several codes and arts later, AUTOMAKHAN is back with a bevy of fixes and enhancements for you and your crew to enjoy. This version introduces game replays with an auto-camera feature to watch recent games leisurely and share the URL with friends. Players participating in public games are now ranked based on their performance using a chess rating system. The game is faster, more fun, and more competitive then ever, with special thanks to Caerus for improving the balance with analytic insight.

New tunderbeast model

New features
  • Replays are now recorded for all public games, available via URL upon completion of a game
  • Ladder ranks for public matches using the ELO rating system
  • Observer mode can be selected for players in the main menu
  • Automatic camera toggled on by default in replay and observer mode
  • Mouse-over the chatbox to view old chats
Quality and performance
  • Eminent race redesigned from the ground up
  • Old Ones textures and models are more detailed and refined
  • 2x more granular pathfinding
  • Improved performance and load time
  • Faster multiplayer network message execution
  • More detailed HUD tooltips
  • General art touch-up, optimizations and bug fixes
Gameplay balance
  • Resources and gems are acquired faster
  • Buildings have more max health, especially towers
  • Added more hero skills to support more unique builds
  • Changed some unit skillsets to encourage more combos and synergies
  • General fine-tuning of unit attributes and spell effects

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